How to Stick to Your Healthy Regime While Travelling

Healthy Regime While Travelling

There’s nothing quite like travelling for throwing you out of sync and getting you out of your healthy routine

From over-indulging on the buffets on offer to developing bags under your eyes because you’re not sleeping as well, travelling can really take its toll on your health.

So how do you stick to your routine when you’re travelling for work or pleasure?

Here’s what we’ve found:

Take a Bit of Home with You
If you do struggle to relax when you’re staying somewhere new, try to bring a feel of home with you. This will help you unwind and will give your body that feeling of familiarity which it’s obviously craving.

This could be something as simple as photos of your loved ones, a throw from your bed or even your own pillow and case.

Or, you could use the help of relaxing scents instead.

Places like
Neom Organics specialise in luxurious diffusers and mists that help you relax, sleep well and invigorate your senses. And if you start using these before you travel, they will help provide that familiarity, too.

Stick to Your Usual Bedtime Routine
One of the hardest things about travelling is the temptation to stay up late, whether it’s lengthy suppers, drinks or social gatherings.

However, in order to make sure you can sleep when you do go to bed, try not to get drawn into these late-night outings.

If you can try to stick to your usual bedtime routine, this should help you fall to sleep with far greater ease. For example, if you tend to read before you go to bed – do this in your hotel. Or if you normally have a bath, do this and help your body relax into its usual zen-like state.

Retaining some of this normality will work wonders in helping you sleep and unwind – which are imperative for feeling healthy.

Eat the Right Foods
Another huge temptation you’ll face on any journey is the food on offer. So even though you’ll want to taste some of the local cuisine and indulge a little, it is worth trying to rein it in a bit if you can.

Try to adopt a similar eating plan that you would at home, while making sure you do enjoy the food on offer. For example, you could enjoy that decadent truffle pasta – but don’t eat so much that you feel stuffed afterwards.

And try to introduce fruit and veg to your meals. If you’re eating less than usual, it’s highly likely you’ll start to bloat and feel uncomfortable.

Sweat It Out
If you enjoy a healthy fitness regime at home, try not to let this slip too much while you’re away – it’ll only leave you feeling out of sync and will make it so much harder to get back into things when you get home.

Most places will have a gym on-site, but if not,
prepare a fitness plan that you could even do in your hotel room. Or, look ahead to see what activities you could get involved in that would help burn some calories – e.g. scuba diving, swimming, horseback riding or hiking. The possibilities are endless and needn’t be rigid!

Ultimately, keeping healthy while you’re away involves practicing some self-control while still making sure you’re enjoying everything you should. Just retain as much routine as possible and don’t worry about the rest.