One of the best ways to style your home with Walmart products is by using the right décor. Dave and Jenny have a few tips to help you style with Walmart décor.

Make Inspired Style Choices without a Lot of Effort

Many homeowners love the style of their home the first time they see it. So, if someone wanted to change the style of their home, it would be unfortunate. However, Dave and Jenny Marrs warn about buying a home without considering the architectural style. Dave says making an older home ultra-modern is incredibly difficult.

If your goal is to have an ultra-modern home, the couple suggests purchasing that style of home. Buying a classic home and wanting to change everything about it is a deal breaker for the couple to work on the home.

Instead, embracing the character of your home is a better idea. For example, an Italianate home often has ornate details like window, door, cornices, and porches. Don’t remove these features for a more modern façade or interior. Just feature them into the design.

When remodelling your home, make sure to keep in mind the character of the space. Dave and Jenny Marrs suggest looking for features like original woodwork, hardware, and flooring.

However, don’t sacrifice function for historic charm. You can update these areas to make the spaces work better for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with a modern look. Remember that you can always add charm even when you use newer materials.

Dave & Jenny Marrs Walmart Store Décor Ideas and Inspirations

Looking for some exciting Walmart décor ideas and inspirations? Dave and Jenny Marrs have you covered! From lavish home décor to clever storage solutions, these two have all the tips and tricks you need to transform your store into a chic and stylish space.

Start with a bold colour scheme. Choose fabrics in rich, saturated hues to amp up the impact of your walls. Nail the look with rich, textured linens and sumptuous accessories.

For a modern edge, team neutrals with pops of colour. Add a splash of brightness to a room with statement pillows, colourful throws, and vibrant art.

No matter what style you’re aiming for, Dave and Jenny Marrs have a few key tips. Start by creating a mood board of your favourite pieces of furniture and décor, and then use that as a guide when shopping for supplies.

Dave & Jenny’s Favourite Walmart Finds and Deals

Rust 3D Walmart Knit Pumpkin

Walmart is bringing you the best of fall in 2022 with their new Rust 3D Knit Pumpkin. This pumpkin is extra special because it features a 3D knit design that is sure to add a touch of festive fun to your décor. The Rust 3D Knit Pumpkin is made from durable materials and is sure to last throughout the fall season. It is also easy to clean, so you can keep your home looking spick and span all season long.

Stitched Geo Rug from Walmart

Introducing the Stitched Geo 30″ x 46″ Rug by Dave & Jenny Marrs. This beautiful rug can find its place in any room within your home. The bold geometric designs will add a stylish touch to any space. The rug is made of high quality materials that will last long. It is also machine-woven, so it is very durable.

Tips for Finding Affordable and Chic Décor

Use Walmart décor to add a touch of style to a room that you want to make more modern or to give a room a more retro feel.

Another great thing about Walmart décor is that it is often very easy to integrate into your home. This means that you can use Walmart décor in a variety of different ways without having to spend a lot of time or money.

And don’t forget to take advantage of Walmart’s seasonal sales! With a little creativity and fresh inputs from Dave & Jenny Marrs, your store or home will be transformed into a chic and stylish space in no time.