From luxury interior design through to large-scale commercial projects, JHID has impressed through a commitment to their strengths, combining a diligent and comprehensive approach to design with a hard-earned expertise and years of tested experience. Recognised in the 2019 Leading Designers programme with the ‘Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design – Yorkshire’ we spoke with the JHID’s Director, Jane Hernon, to find out more about their core design ethos.

Across sub-sectors and specialisms, the crux of exceptional interior design lies – fundamentally- in the client relationship: On the strength of which the most basic of creative briefs can be brought to life and realised in a given space. This is most readily seen in the residential sphere, where personalisation and customisation come to the forefront, differentiating one project from another.

After all, what makes one house a home isn’t a universal concept. It hinges on the client. On their unique likes, dislikes, experiences and memories. Yet, this core premise cannot be ignored in commercial spaces. The brand becomes the identity, defining every nook and cranny. It’s personalised, but in a different way – broad, colourful strokes rather than small, intimate touches. 

It’s not often that a company can excel in both areas. From high-end residential through to themed rooms, JHID has firmly established itself as a veritable tour de force in the design industry. Moreover, as a full-service firm, the studio prides itself on an ability to
manage manage all aspects of the design process, from initial consultation to completion, as Jane emphasises, “We are a full-service design agency, providing full schemes with a dedicated team of subcontractors who do not rest until each project is perfectly delivered.” This robust network is the result of years of hard-work in the field, as Jane pieced together the perfect team to compliment her methodology and ethos. “We work with our handpicked subcontractors with whom we have trading partnerships going back twenty plus years.”

“We are hands on team with an unrivalled work ethic, creating great work and seeing it through with our client’s best interests at heart.”

Jane continues, discussing how this approach has secured long-lasting client relationships, “clients return to us because we deliver on a promise to provide exceptional design on budget and on time.” It seems simple, but consistency often is the key to success in a sector with such discerning standards. 

Regardless of the size of the project – from a relatively straight forward cinema room to a full restoration – JHID have proven themselves as highly-skilled practitioners in the area, thriving in spaces that embrace their identity. “We can work on one project for just a few weeks which would be a simplistic scheme, or we can be employed for much longer durations on bigger projects. One such project in Ilkley, a beautiful fivebedroom Victorian property, has been a complete renovation and this is now nearing completion after fifteen months.”

“We also provide a leisure and commercial design service working alongside architects and other contractors. JHID won an award for creating exceptional design for a sports bar/diner. We take an almost project management stance, designing interiors and ensuring that everything is in place for the project to be completed to the criteria outlined by the client. More than that, we also frequently undertake refurbishments on a client’s second – or even third – homes as a result of our work on their first.” 

It would be remiss to not mention the other areas where JHID have distinguished themselves: namely, in their bedroom furniture and closets. “We have a reputation of designing and installing handmade panelling which is second to none. We handmake our kitchens and our own furniture including sofas, chairs, and stools – we constantly look for new and influential furniture and accessory manufacturers. Further, JHID attends global interior shows in search of inspiration and exciting new products. Ultimately, every project we undertake is unique and we make sure to never stagnate.” 

Company: JHID

Name: Jane Hernon Address: Ilkley, Leeds, United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0)194 388 6866