By all considerations, Extension Architecture is one of the leading Architect and Planning Consultant practices under one roof. On the back of their success in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, where they were spotlighted for their innovative approach to architectural services, we endeavoured to take a closer look at the firm.

Extension Architecture has forged their success through a two-pronged expertise: highly experienced architects partnered with dedicated planning consultants. It’s a potent combination that has proven an effective tool when it comes to differentiating the firm in one of the most competitive regions in architecture and design. 

“Our London-based, multidisciplinary team of architectural designers consist of highly talented creatives and technicians alike. We thrive on a challenge and never fail to deliver excellence.”

Offering a full-range of services from; planning applications, site consultations and interior design through to project management, building regulation drawings and 3D visualisation, Extension Architecture has established themselves as one of England’s premier ‘one-stopshops’. No less impressive is that the firm’s team is comprised of experts from across the construction, architecture and design space, ensuring that every project and all work undertaken is finished to only the most exacting of standards. Of course, the comprehensive nature of the firm, combined with a noted diligence and client-centricity, has resulted in a burgeoning client base and peerless reputation in the industry.
“From residential property to cultural buildings and iconic commercial landmarks, our team’s experience spans projects of all description.”

This is reflected in Extension Architecture’s founding ethos and is permeated across all branches of the company – a certain forwardthinking approach, a pro-activity, formed on a innovative foundation. Director Eugene Kim describes the firm as “dynamic”, with an ability to thrive despite challenges and embrace opportunities wherever they may appear: “Our competitive edge is our extensive planning knowledge and our ability to find solutions for the seemingly impossible.” With over 1600 applications to their name – in a variety of different areas- this is certainly clear to see.


It would be remiss to not spend a moment to highlight one of the firm’s most successful projects – a new build house in Wimbledon that encompassed Extension Architecture’s full suite of services. The result was a complete reinvention of the space, transforming a detached fivebedroom house into a multi-million-pound contemporary semi-detached build. With a client brief dictated around ‘creating a statement’, Extension Architecture designed all elements of the project, delighting in a freedom to, simple, increase value. Embracing a monochromatic colour scheme, an abundance of natural light and clean, elegant lines, the finished product met every expectation.

But, even now, the company is growing, expanding their expertise to deliver better results for their clientele. Extension Architecture’s future is a bright one indeed. 

Company: Extension Architecture

Address: Battersea Office 3 River Reach, Gartons Way, London, SW11 3SX, United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3409 4215

Awards: London’s Most Outstanding Architecture Firm – 2019 & 2019 Award for Excellence in Innovation