Global Wedding Awards

As in industry which is based entirely on celebrating the union of others, we at LUXlife Magazine aim to celebrate those companies, individuals and enterprise behind the meticulous planning and details of the big day.

For the fourth year, LUXlife the 2020 Global Wedding Awards aim to seek out the crème de la crème of every aspect of the wedding industry, from stationary designers, to wedding planners, from wedding dress designers to kids’ entertainers to differentiate in a competitive, global industry as old as time.

The wedding industry is a vibrant and eclectic space filled with dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly to create a truly memorable event for their clients. With couples constantly looking for new and creative ways to share their special day, the market has become incredibly diverse, from the un-wedding trend, to sticking to traditional designs. Data by IBIS World shows that as of 2019, weddings are a $78 billion industry- in the USA alone!!

Every day these firms are creating unique experiences that their clients will treasure forever, and we are honoured to be able to shine the spotlight on them and give our readers a tantalising glimpse into the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. So, in true celebratory style, we raise our glasses to you!

Those suitable for the 2020 Global Wedding Awards will be well and truly under the LUXlife microscope where we intend to shine a light on your accomplishments, projects and efforts from the past 12 months. Of course, the 2020 Global Wedding Awards are open to all businesses, individuals and enterprises operating within the industry and we encourage readers to leave a nomination in the below form for anyone you may feel deserves to be recognised this year.

The aim of the 2020 Global Wedding Awards is, without a doubt, to become a winner. The accolade provides you with affirmation that you, with no ifs-ands-or-buts about it, have outshone the competition.

Enhancing your victory with visual reminders, allows for the promotion of your brand to extend even further, which in turn, can attract talented new employees, looking to work for the best as well as new customers and clients who seek the services of the best in the business.

As with all LUXlife Awards, the 2020 Global Wedding Awards are based on merit, not the number of votes received. Our process works to ensure that we reward parties based on their excellence in the industry, the quality of their products and their dedication to service. To move successfully from nominee to winner, there must be evidence of extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

Once votes are received, nominees will then be contacted by our awards Coordinator – Jazmin Collins so they have the opportunity to accept the nomination and ask for more details regarding the program and the next stages.

So, if you believe your commitment to innovation and services are first class, follow the links below for more in-depth information regarding our process, criteria and judging panel please visit our FAQ page by clicking “How it works” above.

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How it works


We operate an open-vote policy, whereby any organisation can put themselves forward or be nominated by a third party. Votes are cast anonymously via our secure online portal. Voting is promoted digitally to LUX magazine’s extensive circulation, across our social media platforms and where appropriate, across our partner network. We, the publisher, also nominate candidates whom we feel are appropriate and deserving of recognition. The number of votes is not directly influential to the ultimate category winners.

All nominees will be contacted and given the opportunity to accept, or decline, their nomination. Only those who accept, will go on to form our shortlist.

Our specialist researchers scrutinise the shortlisted candidates, putting them through a period of extensive investigation prior to judging where we will make the ultimate decision. We review supporting evidence submitted by the nominees in addition to conducting our own independent research. The probe is typically centred around the evaluation of skills and services on offer; we will consider client and customer feedback and testimonials whilst recognising the nominee’s wider market reputation.

To move successfully, from nominee to winner; there must be evidence of extensive expertise within a given field or discipline, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

After notification of their success, our winners are given a time-frame to discuss the celebratory items on offer. We are proudly not a pay-to-play enterprise with all winners encouraged to select a promotional package, be it commercial or free of charge.

When we make the formal announcement, we again reach out to LUX magazine’s extensive circulation, as well as our social media followers and, where appropriate, across our partner networks to promote the news.


When did LUX launch?
Today, LUX is one of AI Global Media’s most popular standalone publications but it launched as a bi-product of the luxury lifestyle sections from two of our flagship brands, Acquisition International & Wealth & Finance. In this respect, we’ve been active in the Lifestyle Sector since 2010; however, as demand for this type of coverage increased, we made the decision, in 2015, to separate the content and launch LUX, as an independent brand.

Who nominated me?
A large part of the nomination process is driven by LUX, we spend a great deal of time identifying potentially suitable candidates within their appropriate markets. A publisher-cast nomination doesn’t hold any more weight than a self, or third-party nomination, they all filter through to the research stage in the same manner.

If you didn’t self-nominate the nomination will have come from either a third-party vote via our online voting form or, by us the publisher. We run the nomination process via our website entirely anonymously, prohibiting us to provide specific details. Tried and tested over the years, response rates are always higher this way. As we operate in this manner, we run a very rigorous filtering system and do not directly link the number of votes received with success. We store encrypted versions of the IP address associated with the nomination, allowing us to track unusual behaviour.

I’ve accepted the nomination, what happens next?
Once a nomination is accepted, the organisation will be moved on to our shortlist. Shortlisted parties are encouraged to submit supporting materials via our optional questionnaire. This is the perfect opportunity to put forward any specifics you’d like our judging panel to take into consideration before they undertake extensive research for up to 8 weeks.

Who makes the final decision?
We have an entirely unbiased internal panel. It consists of an international, collective of individuals, with backgrounds from a myriad of fields, such as business, economy, politics, media, journalism, history and education. The panel is led by a veteran academic leader with international pedagogic and coaching experience who is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation; allowing the panel to operate with efficacy and dependability.

When’s the ceremony?
We do not gather our winners together to present the news. We’re a little bit too new-media for that! All announcements are made digitally, online and across our network. Hosting events and celebration dinners is an expense we’d rather our clients not entertain. We’d much rather keep the cost of our services and products low, so our winners can choose to spend money on marketing that generates real-world value.

So, what happens if I do win?
You get to select the level of coverage that suits you and we set to work to prepare all the relevant elements in time for our public announcement. Our main coverage takes the form of a digital winner’s magazine, but we also offer physical trophies, window stickers, certificates and varied online packages offering social media exposure.
We have a highly experienced editorial and production department who will guide you through this process and give you full control over your eventual coverage.

What are the costs?
There are no obligatory costs in accepting a nomination or winning a LUX award. In fact, to demonstrate our commitment to this, all our winners are offered a free of charge promotional package. Our company policy will always remain, regardless of budget, our clients should always be able to leverage the value of the award and our seal of approval.

We offer a variety of promotional opportunities to our winners. as we have an extensive network and we know, more than anyone, the wider business benefits from promoting industry awards.

It’s important to highlight, all conversations pertaining commercial add-ons are conducted after winners are announced, so there is no possibility an organisation can influence any internal decisions, based on their appetite to spend on marketing; this remains our utmost concern.

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Previous winners

If you are interested in perusing previous awards supplements hosted by LUX Life, which showcase our illustrious portfolio of former winners, please click on a magazine cover to view the issue, or a 'winners list' button to view the full list of winners here.

For more information on how to enter our prestigious awards please contact us:
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3970 0080
E-mail: [email protected]








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We were awarded the Best Value in Durango by Lux magazine last year. This has been an enormous benefit to the Comfort Inn & Suites Durango. The team at Lux is very professional and helpful. I cannot recommend them highly enough. THANK YOU LUX!
Dan Jensen – Comfort Inn & Suites – Durango

WafelWaffle, the Authentic Belgian Waffle Cafe, is very happy to have received the 2017 ‘European Cafe Of the Year’ award from LUX Magazine. After two years of hard work, serving hundreds of freshly made Brussels waffles, meeting people from all over the world, and having a great time, it is a real pleasure to receive this award. WafelWaffle would like to thank LUX Magazine for their efficiency, professionalism and friendliness. WafelWaffle wishes LUX Magazine a successful 2018!
Agnes Boes – WafelWaffle

Tesoros has been delighted to receive an award for The Best Mediterranean Style Accessories Retailer in the UK. The staff at LUX have been exceptional in their support to produce an accurate, well written article. Thank you everyone, it’s been a pleasure to work with you.
Maxine Purdy – Tesoros

Danke für die tolle Betreuung und danke für den Award. Auch die unterschiedlichen Sprachen waren kein Hindernis. Danke auch an die Redaktion. Toller Artikel. Gerne wieder.
Alexander Mönch – Orangerie Seeburg

LUX is an excellent resource magazine for connoisseurs of luxury, corporate businesses and high net worth individuals from around the globe. Brand Me Vision Portraits is honored to have received the Personal Branding Expert of the Year Award ’17.
Pazit Perez – Brand Me Vision Portraits

Thorne Travel are delighted to receive our second luxury LUX magazine award. We love what we do and pride our self on excellent customer service. The team at LUX are friendly, easy to communicate with and professional! Thanks guys!
Shona Thorne – Thorn Travel

We were honoured to win the Tourism Award for our Film “LAST PARADISE” and enjoyed working with the staff at Global Media who were helpful, efficient and eloquent in their editorial skills. Thanks for a great article on our film tour.
Clive Neeson

Lux Magazine awarded me with their 2017 Wedding Jeweler of the Year Award for my area and did a cover story on my company. They were pleasant and hospitable throughout the entire process. Always quick to respond and a delight to work with! They did a wonderful job on the article!
Ann Gray – Esther Destiny’s Jewelry

LUX magazine is a fantastic publication, dedicated to the ‘best of the best’. The content is superb, as are the staff and editors. You can trust LUX to introduce you to the finest things in life.
Nevan O’Shaughnessy

Cuisine & Wine Bistro are very honored to receive the 2017 Best Wine Bar & Restaurant award for Maricopa County & Culinary Excellence for French Cuisine. Even though we were in different time zones the editor & journalists made this a very memorable & positive experience. Happy Christmas everyone!
Mairead Buschtetz

Yimchai are very honoured and proud to receive the LUX Food & Drink Awards 2017 for Best Chinese Restaurant in Surrey. Thank you LUX Magazine for the recognition and working with your team was such a great experience too! Happy New Year everyone!
Kalvin To – Yimchai

I’m so happy to have an article in LUX magazine. Working with the team from the copy to the design was great. I also took the time to read the other articles and wow, loved them also. Can’t wait for the next issue.
Anthony Phills

We were delighted with the speed, quality and spot-on perfect professionalism that we were greeted with in all our interactions with the LUX team. A superb job, well done!
Arul Inthirarajah

We are very excited to have won the honor of “Best Restaurant in Burnet County, Texas”. LUX Magazine did a superb job in taking care of us through the process. Excellent team to work with.
Trace Catlin

AsaRay Tours was indeed excited and humbled to have won the 2018 award of Best Tour operator of the year in Mombasa! Several years of hard work and commitment and dedication to ensuring that our clients get what they deserve well planned and leaving no detail untouched. LUX magazine we are so humbled and believe that by this recognition it will take AsaRay to another level of excellence and success! Thank you so much LUX Magazine for this exceptional honor. We appreciate it.
Esther Omoche – AsaRay Tours

Helpful, interested and effective. The team at LUX are great to work with and have really given us the help we needed to promote our win in their 2018 awards. Delighted to recommend them.
Lorraine Calcott – It Does Lighting Ltd

Inspiration Cruises & Tours has been honored as the best Christian Travel Management Company by LUX for the past two years. We’re grateful for the honor, and have found it a joy to work with LUX throughout the process. We hope this accolade serves as reassurance to our clients and passengers of our commitment to excellence. Here’s to exceptional travel experiences!
Sarah Belle

It is such an honour for Yazoo Summer Bliss to receive an award from LUX Magazine! Also, meeting and working with LUX team of colleagues was a great & productive experience! Congrats and very Merry Christmas LUX Magazine!
Aggeliki Staveri

I am so overwhelmed to be selected for my blog enterjensworld, as the LUX Best Travel Tip Platform 2018. LUX advised me I was in the running for an award. It was a glimmer of hope as to how far my blog could travel. Lux has inspired me to expand and keep going.
Jen Langford