Jennifer Ryan Design

Making a House a Forever Home

Drawing on the experience of its Founder and namesake, Jennifer Ryan Design offers quality interior design and contracting services. Following her success in the 2019 Leading Designer program, we invited Jennifer herself to tell us more about the work she undertakes and how she collaborates with her clients to produce a space they can cherish forever.

The residential design sphere is a difficult environment to thrive in. Enduring success relies on an almost innate ability to adapt to any client brief and to transform it into something original, bespoke and, simply, spectacular. As such, residential interior designers have to wear many masks, becoming experts in creating distinct, elegant and timeless spaces that will outlast any transient trends or fashions. In this, Jennifer Ryan Design has surely succeeded.

Offering a wide range of design, planning, production and contractor services to suit the needs of a variety of clients throughout the residential space, Jennifer has nurtured an impressive portfolio of work, as she explains in her opening comments. “Since establishing Jennifer Ryan Design, I have undertaken a variety of projects, predominantly the designing of kitchens, great rooms and bathrooms. Many of my clients want an open floor plan that usually involves the kitchen, dining and living rooms. My clients are mid to upper end earners, many with families, and they all know that they can rely on me to offer the quality and ingenuity they expect.”

In today’s housing market, where many homeowners are choosing to remodel rather than buy a new home, Jennifer is finding that many are using her services to craft their dream space. As such, she takes a personal approach to every project to ensure it is completed to the clients’ exact specifications, as she highlights. “Being an experienced designer and contractor, I undertake the majority of the work myself, from the initial design through to the wall removal, trim, tile, painting, framing and site management.

Jennifer Ryan Design

“I work closely with all of my clients and am on site from start to finish. This helps my clients when they have questions or need to make decisions and changes. I use a group of sub-contractors that are trustworthy and great at what they do. We have a good relationship and I trust them to provide my clients with the standard of service they expect. I always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done correctly, and my clients are happy.”

As she looks to the future, Jennifer is confident that she can drive Jennifer Ryan Design to even greater success by continuing to focus on quality, both in terms of client service and project outcome. “Ultimately, my constant goal is to keep making my clients happy and to bring a smile to their faces in their new remodelled surroundings. To ensure I achieve this moving forward, I will continue to learn about new products and technologies so that I can offer my clients cutting-edge services and complete all of my projects to the exceptional standard I have come to pride myself on.”

Telephone: 13603197092