What are your plans this summer? Any trips or adventures planned? Perhaps you’ll be off camping with friends or enjoying one outdoor event after another?

Whether you’re embarking on a great railway adventure, motoring from state-to-state in a cozy camper van, living it up on a luxury superyacht, or simply heading off for a few days with friends to a fun location to spend some well-earned downtime, you’ll need some refreshing summer bevies.

Summer Beverages for Traveling

When it comes to the best summer beverages for traveling, it’s important to consider drinks that are:

  • Refreshing
  • Easy to make or obtain
  • Suitable for on-the-go consumption
  • Packed with nutrients, minerals, or energy to give you a little extra boost of goodness and energy

Here are a few excellent choices for summer beverages that will make your travels that little bit sweeter:

Cold Brew Coffee

Smooth and refreshing, cold brew coffee is a favorite among coffee lovers. Made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended period, usually overnight, cold brew coffee can be easily made at home and carried with you in your thermos, or other bottle of choice. It can also be readily purchased in a variety of delectable flavors, giving you more choice and greater convenience while you enjoy your travels.

Infused Water

Drinking enough water a day is crucial in general, and even more so in warmer temperatures for multiple reasons. Staying well hydrated helps to regulate body temperature, keeps joints lubricated, helps prevent infections, and aids your body in many other ways.

Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. If plain water bores you to tears, why not add a burst of flavor? One simple way to do this is to slice up fruits, such as watermelon, cucumber, and strawberry, and place them in the water bottle to infuse with the water and make it more interesting and refreshingly delicious. Another would be to buy fruit infused water, ultra-convenient and tasty, and ready to go with you on any adventure.

Iced Tea

Whether it’s classic black tea or herbal infusions, iced tea is versatile and provides another great way to stay hydrated; simply brew your tea, let it cool down, and pour it over ice. For great results, you can further enhance the flavor with honey, lemon, mint, or peppermint.

Aloe Vera Juice

For something a little different, consider aloe vera juice, which has a cooling and soothing effect, making it perfect for hot summer days; it’s also very good for hydration as well as helping to alleviate sunburns or heat-related discomfort. Look for pure aloe vera juice or drinks with the natural flavor of aloe added.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are fun, tasty, and highly nutritious: just blend a combination of fresh fruits, ice, and any liquid base you prefer, such as water, coconut water, milk, or yogurt for a great smoothie to hit the open road with. “You can also experiment with different fruits and add-ons, such as spinach, oats, and protein powder for a more substantial drink,” says Kyle Kroeger, Founder & CEO of ViaTravelers. Additionally, simply swap milk, for almond or oat milk for a vegan-friendly alternative.

Locally Available Fruit and Juices

Coconut water is a fantastic option, especially if you’re traveling to tropical summer destinations where coconuts grow readily and can be enjoyed straight from the coconut itself!

Coconut water is a natural electrolyte-rich drink full of minerals; a readily available fruit that can be a good substitute for water, especially if you can’t trust the local water or you are otherwise environmentally conscious of avoiding the use of plastics.

On the subject of trustworthy water, there are plenty of holiday destinations in which most, if not all cafes, restaurants, and hotels will provide bottled water; just be sure to check that the bottle is sealed to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently about to guzzle down some unsafe tap water masquerading as safe, bottled drinking water.

Sparkling Water With Fruits

If you prefer carbonated beverages, sparkling water with a twist of fruit can be a refreshing choice. Opt for unsweetened sparkling water and add slices of your favorite fruits, such as lemons, berries, cucumber, or peach slices, and create an uber-refreshing fizzy drink.

Other Summer Beverages

Summer is a wonderful time that, for most, energizes and excites, and it’s great for enjoying social events with friends and family, or for new romances and connections to blossom. Partying is often thrown into the summer mix, of course, and why not, indeed? Still, It is advisable not to seek hydration or otherwise travel with alcohol-based beverages, and when drinking alcohol, commit to always doing so responsibly.

When you arrive at your destination and start to unwind after a long journey, here are a few recommendations for other summer beverages:

  • Pimm’s is an English summer classic; chilled light and refreshing, Pimm’s is a gin-based drink but can also be found in alcohol-free varieties
  • Homemade ginger beer is deliciously refreshing and great for picnics with friends; garnish with a few mint leaves for a non-alcoholic treat
  • Elderflower and cucumber Gin & Tonic; simply mix elderflower cordial, gin, and cucumber strips together, top up with tonic, and serve over ice

Another alcoholic treat not to be overlooked is wine. Whether that’s a rosé in the sun, a white wine by the beach, or a velvety red as the night draws in, there’s a style to suit any occasion. However, good wines often come with a hefty price tag, so try to shop around for deals and discounts, we’ll give you a headstart by suggesting a few great promo codes for Total Wine.

Parting Thoughts

There are a myriad of refreshing beverages to enjoy on a hot, summer’s day, just remember to stay hydrated especially while traveling through warmer climates; it’s essential to drink plenty of water alongside other beverages to keep your body optimally hydrated and raring to go.