Spring 2019: The Lightweight Down Jacket

A change in the seasons means a change of clothes too, and many people see fit to rearrange their wardrobes. Of course, the transition from winter to spring isn’t always immediately apparent. Wednesday 20th March will be mark the first day of change, but the cold weather and bleaker skies are unlikely to suddenly disappear on this date.

Alongside the traditional Belstaff leather jackets, one of the more prominent additions to the wardrobe for spring 2019 will be the lightweight down jacket.

Consequently, here are some of the perks that the lightweight down jacket has to offer.

An Efficient Insulator
One of the main purposes of any piece of clothing is to retain warmth. Of course, some do it better than others, and the lightweight down jacket certainly fits this bill. Like all padded jackets, the padding is there to enable the jacket to better create small pockets of air, which thereby trap warm air and raise your body temperature, keeping you warm.

While spring does gradually usher in warmer weather, it’s certainly never guaranteed at the start. There’ve been blizzards come March in the UK, so the warmth the down jacket provides is very much necessary. In the end, it’ll help you ease into spring more comfortably.


The clue is in the name itself! The lightweight down jacket is just that; lightweight. You can wear one without feeling encumbered, or even noticing any kind of restricted movement that jackets so often provide. It’s a ‘hardly there’ item that can’t be felt too much, which has numerous benefits in the interests of flexibility and comfort.

Of course, if you’re traveling, hiking, or undertaking strenuous commutes, it’s the down jacket that has your back here. It’s easy to take off and remove should weatherly conditions change, or if you find your body temperature altering too. There’s no fumbling or wriggling around for its removal – it can just be quickly slipped on and off in a moment. In the end, it’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe due to its lightweight nature.

Easy Storage
When people think of clothes, they typically think of how they’re worn. It’s understandable, as it’s obviously the main purpose of clothing. Still, the time where clothing is often underestimated is during the packing process. If you’re undertaking any kind of a trip where clothes need to be packed, this is where you can realise just how irritating our wardrobe can be.

However, due to the previously mentioned lightweight nature of the down jacket, it’s easily stored and packed. No mess, no fuss, no incessant folding techniques to get it to squeeze into an already bulging suitcase – it won’t take up too much room nor add any additional weight to any overbearing suitcases you have.