Have you ever noticed that your shoe size doesn’t seem to be the same as everyone else’s?

That’s because shoe sizing is a very inexact science. It can vary by brand, style, and even by the last used to construct them (the last is the wooden form on which shoes are molded).

So how do you know what size you’re looking for online? Luckily, there are some general guidelines for shopping for shoes online you can follow.

Know Your Shoe Size

Before you can make an informed decision on any pair of shoes, you must know your shoe size. If possible, try on shoes in the store. If not, shop for shoes online and use their sizing chart to find out what size you are in different brands.

You can also measure your feet at home with a tape measure or ruler. Wear socks that are similar to the ones you’d wear with the new shoes so they don’t stretch while measuring.

Take measurements of both feet because they often differ by half a size or more. Use inches or centimeters (whichever one is more common where you live).

Understand Shoe Construction

Having an understanding of how shoes are made is important to making your purchase. A loafer is a low-top shoe that has no heel, while a slip-on is a type of open shoe with no laces. A wedge is a kind of heel with sides that slope upward from the sole to support the foot; heels slope downward from their toes to their soles.

A boot has an ankle strap that prevents it from slipping off when you walk, whereas a sandal typically doesn’t have one and allows for more movement in your foot.

A sneaker can be worn by itself or as part of an outfit, but it’s important to note that sneakers are not technically considered athletic footwear—they’re streetwear. 

If you want something more casual but still stylish and comfortable, look into getting some mules or slippers instead: they’re both types of closed shoes without any laces or straps.

Consider Return Policies

You should always check the return policy of a website before you make a purchase. Most stores offer some sort of refund or exchange policy, but this can vary widely based on the store and type of item.

For example, if you are buying shoes online, there may be a shorter time frame in which to return them than if you were purchasing sunglasses.

Some companies have strict guidelines for returning items. In the UK, free return policies are now ending with the US likely to follow suit thanks to the global financial crisis. Others are more lenient and will accept returns regardless of whether they were damaged.

Others will only accept returns within a certain timeframe (usually 30 days). The best way to determine what kind of return policy is right for you is by doing some research into how each company handles returns.

Many online retailers make their policies available on their websites so that customers like yourself know exactly what to expect when ordering from them.

Do Your Research Online

It’s a good idea to check out the company’s website before you buy anything. You can always return shoes if they don’t fit, but you might not want to go through all that hassle if the site is difficult to use or too confusing.

You should also look at their online reviews from other customers. That way, you’ll know what people are saying about them and whether it’s worth buying from them in the first place. If they have thousands of positive reviews and no negative ones, then that’s usually a good sign. 

Buy From a Reputable Brand

Whether you’re shopping for a pair of running shoes or something more formal like dress shoes and boots, it’s important to buy from a reputable brand. It will have both quality products and customer service that you can rely on if something goes wrong with your order.

You could try not just the usual brands like Adidas and Nike, but Yeezy 350 shoes. Check it out.

On sites like Amazon or eBay, users and companies rate products on their performance, value, and overall satisfaction level. This rating data can be incredibly helpful when deciding where to purchase your next pair of shoes!

Check Expert Reviews Before You Buy

Before you buy a pair of shoes, make sure to check out the reviews from experts, not just other customers. Expert reviews can be super helpful for finding out whether the shoes are comfortable and durable as they are written by people who have studied the shoes in detail. 

Additionally, expert reviews can help you decide whether these shoes are good for the type of activity you plan on doing in them. They may be meant for running and hiking, or they may be better suited for basketball. 

Shopping for Shoes Online Can Be Great

The bottom line is that buying shoes online can be a great way to get exactly what you want and save money. However, it’s not always easy.

If you follow the above tips and do your research, however, shopping online on a shoe store website can be a safe and rewarding experience. With all the different brands out there offering so many styles at such low prices, there’s no reason not to find a style that’s right for you.

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