A first date can be a lot of things. It can be just another missed opportunity or it can be the first chapter in your next big story. A lot of things happen on the first day and getting the right vibe can come down to the kind of date you’re having. But there are a few kinds of dates that stand out from any other option.

With the help of a German dating site, you can make every first date a great time. By taking the fancy level to 10, you can create a first impression, that creates an unforgettable experience. Here are a few ideas to help you have the fanciest first date you’ve ever had.


Luxury Restaurants

You’re probably thinking, “a restaurant? Doesn’t everyone go to a restaurant on their first date?” While it might be commonplace, going to a luxury restaurant can be a great way to impress your date. Not to mention the fact that a fancy restaurant can really set the perfect mood.

Luxury restaurants are just special. Just be aware that stepping up the ambiance will also mean shelling out a lot more money. Take the time to check out the menu beforehand. You’ll not only get a better idea of what you like but know just how much damage you are going to do to your wallet. There are a few ways to set the mood quite like a fancy restaurant.

Helicopter Tour

While going to a luxury restaurant is a classic move, it is also a safe one. Safe isn’t necessarily what some people are looking for on a first date, so it doesn’t work for everyone. If you want to stray from the beaten path, a helicopter tour can be one of the best moves that you make.

When you are up in a helicopter, you can see literally everything. It also gives you more reason to get close to one another, amplifying the romance right off the bat. Depending on where you live, you can cover an entire cityscape, check out the mountaintops, or see the water shine (sometimes all of it in one tour). It is the kind of exhilarating experience that no one will forget anytime soon.

Have a Spa Day

Creating a luxurious first-date experience isn’t necessarily about spending a lot of money. Sure, you’re probably going to spend a few more bucks than you would going out for a piece of pizza, it is more about the experience and ambiance than how much cash you are throwing down.

A great way to enjoy one another’s company on the all-important first date is with an exclusive spa day. There is nothing quite like relaxing with someone, getting massages, facial treatments, and a fully therapeutic experience. While conversations can be somewhat limited, it might not be the worst thing to keep the words short and sweet.

Wine Tasting

You can spend a ton of money and still have a bad date, so the price shouldn’t necessarily be the focus. That said, it is more about having a great time, and only a few date ideas can deliver a fun experience that really impresses you.

A wine tour can take some of the uneasiness of a first-time meeting like no other date idea. Having a little wine, conversing with someone new, and getting to know one another can be made a little less awkward and stressful with each sip. At worst, you get a few hours at a luxurious vineyard trying great wine and can have a great first date idea whenever you need it.