SB Atelier has launched the brand’s latest collection, the Woman’s Echo. These new couture line designed and handcrafted in the UK, poised to change the fashion industry with its unique collection of fashion wears for new young millennial women. The brand’s uniqueness and versatility are demonstrated in every fashion piece from the brand, as it effectively turns designs into (e)motions, helping fashion lovers to express themselves freely and experience luxury.

The fashion industry is a dynamic one, with several brands coming into the fashion space and creating a niche for themselves in the highly competitive industry. The fashion market is a large one, with increasing demands from fashion lovers across the globe. However, the increasing number of fashion brands has not particularly met the demand of the market. This is so as many brands do not give the comfort, uniqueness, and versatility demanded by contemporary fashion lovers. This is where the likes of SB Atelier is different.

Trailblazing fashion designer, Sarah Boadu, whose designs bridge the gap between millennials and experiential luxury states that “this collection is a celebration of this current era where women are stronger than ever. Our collective strength has been made possible by the works of strong resilient women that fought for our freedom to be who we want to be without hindrance. We are operating in the ECHOES of their fights”.

Sarah Boadu Atelier (SB) understands the sartorial needs of women, irrespective of their shapes and/or sizes, ensuring that every woman can enjoy the handcrafted luxury of a couture dress. Her new collection, Woman’s Echo is a celebration of how millennial women’s collective strength as a result era where women are stronger than ever has been made possible by the works of strong resilient women that unapologetically fought for women’s freedom to be who they want to be without hindrance; simply put, celebrating generations of women operating in the ECHOES of the pioneers.

After a stint at Ralph & Russo, she decided to build her own brand with the aim of making couture more inclusive and less of a boys’ club, providing millennial women from all walks of life the opportunity of experiential luxury. 

SB Atelier (with her designs) believes that couture must continue to evolve daily and diversify to bring craftsmanship and innovation into the 21st century to a new clientele of young millennial women, making experiential luxury the new trend, as they sustain the business of couture, and preserve its art for future generations. As designers and brands scramble to find new ways to connect with their client base, she says that “the new generation of fashion entrepreneurs like herself are to provide global consumers unprecedented accessibility into the secretive world of couture – an insider glimpse behind traditionally closed doors and inspiring the next generation on the importance of inclusivity.  

She continues saying that “at SB Atelier we are obsessed with creating and providing our clientele top quality’ as we seek to inspire and thrill the discerning and knowledgeable modern woman for whom aesthetics, style and comfort are fundamental. The end product is something we are very proud of – together with the beautiful designs, great performance fabrics and excellent workmanship. 

SB Atelier, high-end British couture label, creates bespoke designs, made with the best luxury fabrics, jewellery and accessories delivering premium and unique quality products. 

Each gown is unique and special as its name. The designers bring a fresh & new concept to this collection by using layering techniques and designs that create graceful movement and flow for the bride.

Sarah Boadu Atelier