What a woman chooses to include in her wardrobe is a representation of her unique style and taste. With this in mind, it’s a bit silly to expect a standard collection of clothes that every woman should have in their closet.

Unfortunately, most women remain under continuous societal pressure to look their best for every waking hour of their lives. While more women are casting this expectation aside than ever before, the emphasis on women dressing for success remains ever-present.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at seven wardrobe essentials for most – but not all – women:

Little black dress

The iconic little black dress continues to be a proverbial must-have. That’s because it’s the perfect outfit for a variety of situations. From first dates to anniversary dinners, a little black dress will flatter your figure and boost your confidence. It’s also ideal for nights out with friends, cocktail parties, and other social gatherings that are too casual for a formal dress but serious enough that dressing sharp still matters.


The practical need for pantsuits depends on your profession. For instance, pantsuits could be a bit much for school teachers but perfect for lawyers. But generally speaking, it doesn’t hurt to have a few pantsuits in your wardrobe. If you don’t plan on wearing them often, we suggest sticking to classic colours and styles as a way to keep them looking fresh and fashionable for years.

Evening gown

The frequency with which a woman attends formal gatherings depends on many factors. It could be once a month or once a year. Regardless of the rate at which you’re invited to attend awards ceremonies, charity galas, and fancy dress balls, chances are your wardrobe would benefit from one or more evening gowns of varying designs. From sequined to pleated to sheer, the more variety of dress styles, the better. That way, you always have something exceptional to wear for special occasions.

Business casual

We’re willing to bet your occupation includes a business casual dress code. If so, it goes without saying your wardrobe should be sufficiently stocked with casual business attire. Even if you work from home or in a setting where business casual is either uncalled for or not up to snuff, it can still be smart to have certain items on hand. Consider an assortment of blazers, blouses, button-ups, and turtlenecks – along with pencil skirts, dress pants, and khakis. This will provide a practical insurance policy in the event you ever need to throw on something fancier than normal.


Outdoor concerts, summer barbecues, and other warm-weather events are the ideal time to wear a pretty sundress. You can also wear them to farmers’ markets, sporting events, and in a variety of other circumstances. What’s more, sundresses are often affordably priced, given the lightness of the material. With this in mind, we recommend most women have one or more sundresses in their closet in case the occasion ever calls for wearing them.


Don’t let the seemingly swank and trendy terminology make you think streetwear is only for people younger than 25. The reality is you’re probably already rocking the streetwear look without realizing it. Generally speaking, streetwear refers to fashion that emphasises comfort, colour, and convenience. It enables individuals to dress the way they want, even if that means matching a baseball cap with a flannel button-up and skater shoes. Given the range of environments in which streetwear can be worn without igniting controversy, most women would do well with ensuring their wardrobe includes many components of streetwear style.


Last but not least, every woman’s wardrobe should include plenty of leisurewear.  The good thing about leisurewear is it can truly be whatever you want; are oversized t-shirts and sweatpants your idea of comfort? If so, they can be worn around the house without worry. The same goes for your preferred sleepwear. The goal is to give yourself plenty of options when all you want is to rest and relax.

Every woman is different. That means every woman’s wardrobe is unique. With that said, most women would benefit from ensuring their closet contains a core collection of clothes that provide options for whatever life throws their way.