Woman in a white dress walking through a lavender field

Fashion styles and trending clothes come and go. However, there are some clothing items that leave a lasting impression on people that wear them and those that see them. Picking your next OOTD can be hard. There are just so many options available but if you want to make the process easier, it’s best to look at the trending lists for clothes.

There are so many popular dresses for 2021 and since summer is just around the corner, it might be time to stack up on clothes that make you look and feel fresh. There are a few popular dresses that deserve a spot on your wardrobe this year and here’s a good list to start you up.


Short-Homecoming Dresses

When it comes to homecoming dresses, they used to be that long and the longer the dress, the more room to show it off. However, short-homecoming dresses are what’s trending now too. Whether it’s for a night out or for a romantic date, dresses like these help your legs and figure stand out.

There are many great designers for short dresses. If you want a selection that’s simple but classy, check out these homecoming dresses by JOVANI as well. A good short homecoming dress should be at least an inch above your knee. Anything shorter and it makes the dress a little less classy.

A good match for short homecoming dresses are sparkly accessories like watches or even a necklace. It makes the overall look feel more luxurious and classy as well. It’s perfect for a romantic date or even just a casual get-together with friends as well.


Floral Print Maxi-Dresses

Once the summer season arrives, you’d want to be having a wide selection of floral prints for your wardrobe as well. Floral prints are always good during the summer season and they make you look cool and cosy even under the blistering heat of the sun so make sure to have at least a pair in your closet.

Floral print dresses are at their best when they are lengthy and flowy. It would be great to look for ones that reach your ankles at the very least. Look for floral print dresses that have long and light skirts which can gently flow under a small breeze. Not only does this make you look great, it can also make you feel more comfortable even if the temperatures are rising.

What better way to make your clothes standout than with the right accessories of course. For floral print dresses, a sun hat and some shades are going to do wonders for your OOTD. As for the shoes, make sure to wear something simple and light hued so that it doesn’t take the attention away from the dress.


White Dresses

If you’re looking to stock your wardrobe with a colour that’s going to be in all throughout the year, then it’s best to pick white-coloured dresses instead. These are safe colour options to choose and they are very versatile at that. What makes white dresses even more popular this year is that people are on the lookout for light simple dresses.

You can easily partner white dresses with all sorts of accessories and clothing items. When picking a white dress, don’t get any other shade aside from pure white as these are the most popular ones this year. Dirty white and any shade darker is good too but they aren’t as versatile as egg-shell white dresses.

White is going to be popular for a really long time so don’t hesitate to go for these dresses.


Dainty Day Sundresses

As the summer season is drawing upon us, it’s a must that you begin stocking up on sundresses. These are great dresses to have as they make you look and feel fresh during those hot summer days. Pull the dress off with good accessories and you’ll be set for the beach.

What’s great about sundresses is that they are very versatile. They can be used for various occasions so long as you wear the right accessories with them. When picking a sundress, make sure to go for something dainty or light as it makes the overall get-up look more fresh and inspired as well.

Sundresses are best partnered with a sun hat, shades, and a good small handbag. When going to the beach, make sure to sport this outfit and have heads turning wherever you go.


Crafty Crocheted Dresses

If you are looking for something more unique and strong, then you might want to check out crocheted dresses as well. These are thick dresses but despite the way they are, they aren’t actually very cool and breezy to wear as the crocheted make allows for easy air circulation.

These dresses are going to be in because people want something unique and vibrant. Crocheted dresses often come in strong and vibrant colours like red, orange and yellow which makes them exactly what people are looking for. These clothes are perfect for the coming summer and winter so make sure to grab some of these as well.



Since the pandemic began, a lot of pretty ladies now work from home. It was initially hard to find a get up that makes them comfortable at home but also helps them look professional during those conference calls for work. This desire to look ready and casual led to a new style called casual-professional.

Simply put, casual-professional dresses are those that you can wear just about anywhere. Be it at home or even inside the office. You aren’t going to be over or underdressed in any way. As a general rule of thumb, make sure to partner short-sleeve shirts with long skirts so that you can pull off this marvellous look.

These are the most popular dresses this year. As you may have guessed, people are going to look for dresses that look cool and breezy while staying unique and vibrant. Of course, you don’t always have to dress according to what’s hot and what’s not as being yourself is often the best way to go.