What is the ideal outfit for playing poker?

Undeniably one of the most popular casino games, poker has become a worldwide hit as mega casinos continue to open up all around the world. Regardless of the location, poker is almost always available to play at luxury casinos and hotels; it’s one of the games that that first comes to mind when people think of casinos, and the glitz, glamour and excitement that go along with it.

The casinos themselves, of course, have an impact on the atmosphere. Enter a top-level casino and you’ll be instantly brought into an exciting new world and upscale experience. From the dealers, to the cocktails and decor, it’s no surprise that many people choose to go to the casino for an elegant night out.

And then, there are the outfits themselves. Deciding to go to the casino, whether it be for a night out or to play in a tournament, requires a certain degree of thought when it comes to what to wear.

With so many options, and so many different casino dress codes, it’s an important element of your casino experience to get right.

Here are some of ideas for the best outfits to play poker in.

It’s tournament time!
For the more serious poker players – or those looking to try to get up the ranks in the game – there’s nothing like a tournament. From large scale tournaments like the World Series of Poker, to smaller ones hosted by the local casino, both amateurs and professionals can get involved in one of the world’s most fun games to play. Unlike many other casino games, poker is a skill-based game that you can get better at over time.

But what should you be wearing when it comes to playing in a poker tournament? Unlike visiting the casino for a glamourous evening or a night out with friends, playing in a poker tournament is all about staying serious and the potential for winning big. Your
poker playing style is reflected in your choice of clothing, be careful with what you give away to the opposition. On a similar note, you don’t want to overthink your choice, the hours spent playing means you need to dress comfortably enough to not have your clothing become an issue.

If fancy shoes are a bit too restrictive, try a nice pair of white or black sneakers. While you should avoid graphic tees, a polo shirt will do the trick and keep you cool if the play gets heated. A nice pair of denim jeans or slacks will compliment the look. Of course, you should avoid shorts, flip flops or anything that might be deemed too casual; it is, after all still a casino. And while you’re playing for the jackpot you still want to look the part.


For a glamourous evening

If you’re going for a fabulous night out at the casino to play poker, it’s best to try and get in the mood and really commit to the exciting atmosphere. What that really means is dressing your best! Both men and women really can’t go wrong with dressing up in a white tie or black tie attire.

The difference? With white tie think: the Oscars. This full evening dress look requires that
men wear a black tailcoat, white button-up shirt, white tie and low-cut white waistcoat. For a white-tie look, women should go for a classic long evening gown. It’s also a great idea to consider wearing high heels, jewellery and gloves to really complete the look. There are many different places you can purchase this style of outfit; when in doubt, head to a boutique shop and the staff will be sure to help you out!

Black tie is slightly more relaxed than white tie. For men, go with black bow ties, white dress shirts and black low cut waist coats. Women can wear long evening gowns for both black and white tie functions — or they can go with something slightly more casual, like a cocktail dress. While most casinos don’t enforce a black tie or white tie dress code, it’s definitely a great look for a fantastic night in the casino — and really encapsulates the glamour of everything the experience has to offer.

A weekend away with friends
Whether it’s a stag or hen do, or just a weekend getaway with your gang, there’s nothing like playing poker to burn off some steam and have fun with your friends. It’s important when you’re packing to make sure you’ve got a selection of outfits for whatever might come you’re way; and if you’re going to be visiting a casino, it’s always a good idea to have a smart casual look ready.

Smart casual can be a difficult one to get right if you’re not accustomed to it. A solid tip is that if you’re ever in doubt, always go more smart than casual. It’s better to be slightly more overdressed than underdressed, and can prevent you from getting rejected trying to get into the casino!

For men, a solid smart casual look for poker playing is nice shoes (never trainers), a collard shirt, a jacket or blazer and jeans, khakis or slacks.

If you’re a woman, think along the lines of office attire; a midi dress, cocktail dress or nice top and trousers or skirt are all really great options. You can always dress up the look with jewellery or heels, so pack some variety along in your suitcase to ensure that you will get it right.