Renowned for its bold colours and beguiling designs that effortlessly combine strength, sensuality, and playfulness, Pure Chemistry has always been one of the finest lingerie brands in the world. Now, catering for the ever-growing Asian market, Pure Chemistry has released a unique range of bridal lingerie, inspired by the founder’s Indian heritage and meeting a need for bridal lingerie that isn’t simply white or ivory. Whether you are a bride or not, the Pure Rani collection is absolutely stunning, and was recently recognised by LUXlife within the 2020 Global Wedding Awards, winning them ‘Best Luxury Indian Wedding Lingerie Brand 2020.

The Pure Rani collection goes beyond the traditional normality of white and ivory lingerie for brides on their wedding day. Named after Pure Chemistry’s CEO, Dimple Rani, the collection celebrates Dimple’s Indian heritage with festively colourful bridal lingerie & Sari’s.

Each bride is totally unique, and her choice of lingerie should reflect that as much as possible. Britain should pride itself on being a melting pot for different cultures, and its ethnic diversity being a cause for celebration. Indian weddings take place across the country every single day, and each bride getting married deserves to feel their absolute best throughout their special day. Delivering stunning pieces of bridal lingerie that are sure to make every woman feel the way they should, Pure Chemistry embraces this ethnic diversity, with a fusion of Indo-Western themes that are threaded delicately throughout each piece.

Drawing on the bright and vibrant colours of India’s heritage and culture, the bridal lingerie on offer from Pure Chemistry is the perfect blend of modern sensuality with traditional reverence. Paired with the most delicate Italian tulle and gilded French leavers lace, these pieces are both delicate and strong, emphasising the beauty of those getting married on the big day. Complete with Swarovski crystals and a matching sari, this bridal lingerie is simply gorgeous and luxurious to wear. Reservations surrounding lingerie has long delayed a line of this kind being crafted, but the team at Pure Chemistry focused on ensuring that women have a line of lingerie that emboldens and strengthens them. Contemporary in design, this sumptuously exquisite collection is sure to be popular for gifting all year round.

In the bridal world, this lingerie continues to push boundaries with more playful styles, bralettes, blindfolds, and minimal strapping being incorporated for a fresh, yet chic, take on modern bridal lingerie. To perfectly complement the existing underwear and selections of bras and bralettes that Pure Chemistry offers, the company has also released The Love Laboratory, a stunning range of knickers packaged in an acrylic tube. The seductively stylish boudoir items come in a choice of colours with contrasting black Chantilly lace trim, black Swarovski, and 24 karat gold-plated components for the ultimate in luxury lingerie.

The wedding market in India, which is worth between 40 and 50 billion dollars and growing between 25 and 30 percent each year, certainly provides the perfect opportunity for a firm such as Pure Chemistry to branch out into Indian bridal lingerie. In a society defined by sharp contrasts between ancient tradition and uber modernity, India is a crossroads that few other countries on Earth are. At such a crossroads, it is more important than ever to empower people to feel their best self, and the Pure Rani collection of bridal lingerie offers that alongside timeless elegance, radiant beauty, and exquisite luxury.

Following the success of their bright and beautiful lingerie and Asian bridal collections, Pure Chemistry have presented their new collection, Kismet. An exciting fusion of cultural influences are threaded through each piece, from Indian colour and design to the finest Italian tulle and gilded French leavers lace, Swarovski crystals adorn the lingerie while matching saris complement in sheer georgette.

Every bride deserves to feel like a million dollars on her own wedding day, in whatever way feels best and most comfortable for her. Whether that is luxurious and sensual lingerie, or a more traditional form of marriage garment, the bride is at the centre of it all on the big day itself. Pure Chemistry understands this better than most and seeks to empower each and every bride with the lingerie of their dreams. Stylish and sexy, this luxury underwear is the epitome of bridal beauty.

Company: Pure Chemistry Lingerie

Contact: Dimple Rani