The United Kingdom is an incredible place, rich in history, culture, and achievements. Unlike many other European nations, the United Kingdom comprises four different countries: England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Each of these countries has its own distinct culture.

If you are planning a trip to the UK, then you should consider visiting all of the nations that make it up. Only after visiting them all can you get a true impression of what the place is like.

This post will tell you about seven locations that you should consider visiting from all of the different countries of the UK.


Oxford is located in Oxfordshire, England. It is one of England’s most famous towns, because of its incredible university. According to the experts from Oxford Tour, it is actually possible to take a tour of the university, its grounds, and then the rest of the town.  One of the things that makes Oxford such an incredible place to visit is the town’s medieval and neoclassical architecture. Unlike many other British towns, the architecture is almost perfectly uniform throughout the town center. There are very few modern buildings, in other words. The consistency of the architecture makes you feel as though you were living 1,000 years ago.


Stonehenge is a stone circle, located in Wiltshire.  Nobody really knows what Stonehenge’s purpose was, or when it was laid. What is for sure is that the circle was created prior to the Roman invasion of Britain, which makes it over 2,000 years old. Every year, thousands of British people descend on Stonehenge for pagan festivals, which coincide with the solstices. In recent years such gatherings were forbidden due to the COVID pandemic, but they are set to resume on the upcoming solstice.


London is England’s capital city. It is, without a doubt, one of this list’s best places to visit, second only perhaps to Oxford. The best thing about London is that there is so much to do. You could literally spend a lifetime there and would never run out of new things to see or places to go. If you plan on visiting London, then it is a good idea to take a tour, as it is in Oxford. Only a tour guide will be able to take you to everything that’s worth seeing. You could consider booking a walking tour, since London is quite easy to get around on, on foot.


Conwy is a walled market town, found in North Wales. The city’s castle (for which it is famous) was constructed in the 13th century. It is a popular choice for holidaymakers all over the United Kingdom, along with Llandudno, another Welsh town.  If you plan on visiting Conwy, then it’s a good idea to avoid visiting during the summer, because it will be overrun with British tourists then. To truly experience the town, its architecture, and its people, you should visit during the autumn or winter, when it is less busy. If you do not mind higher prices and more people though, then, by all means, visit in summer.


Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital city, rich in history, culture, and architecture. Belfast’s Georgian architecture is most impressive. The most popular tourist sites are the Titanic Belfast, Ulster Museum, and Belfast City Hall. Crumlin Road Gaol, a former prison, is also quite popular.  The jail is steeped in history, with it being a prison used for individuals arrested during the Troubles, or when Northern Ireland and the now Republic of Ireland were fighting. Belfast is a great city to visit, and it is very easy to get to from England, so it is somewhere to consider on your trip to the United Kingdom.


Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city. It is an impressive, even imposing place. The city’s architecture is beautiful throughout. Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist sites because it sits high above the city and gives incredible panoramic views. Holyroodhouse Palace is also a popular tourist site.  As with London and Oxford, there is so much to see in Edinburgh that it makes sense to book a tour. A tour guide will take you everywhere that’s worth seeing.


The Scottish Highlands are amazing and steeped in history. Most people are only familiar with them because of Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. They can be a bit difficult to get to, but once you are there, there are hundreds of bed and breakfasts, hotels, and guest lodges that you can stay in. The Highlands aren’t somewhere you should miss.

The United Kingdom is a fascinating place, with plenty of interesting sites to be seen and cities to be visited.  This list’s suggestions are all incredibly interesting, beautiful, and worth seeing. If you are only planning on visiting the United Kingdom once in your life, then try to see all of them on your trip.