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Explore The Newly Re-Opened Portofino And Its Stunning Natural Park

In the Italian district of Liguria lies Portofino Park, a protected location offering a breath-taking view of the Ligurian coast.

Established in 1935, the park has a long history of offering a variety of guests the chance to bask in the glorious natural beauty of this magnificent region. After the storm in October 2018, the road to Portofino was destroyed and now after significant investment has been reopened meaning visitors can easily access the park and Portofino harbour once more enjoying coastal views en-route.

Portofino - LUXlife Magazine

Portofino is famous internationally: the name evokes images of all things beautiful, elegant and exclusive and this protected area has a lovely landscape, mild climate, and a harbour and elegant town with boutiques and stylish restaurants making it one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

In Portofino Park there is an abundance of paths and wild habitats, with over more than 700 species of flora. The pine-woods, the olive groves and chestnut woods surround the rural settlements and sea villages and create a tranquil ambience for visitors to explore. The park has over 70km of walking routes, with an array of walking trails taking hikers on an intimate hike with nature, experiencing the silence, fragrances, and colours of the park’s undisturbed scenery.

The network of trails connects the beautiful villages of Camogli, San Rocco and Santa Margherita. Also located nearby are the Castello di San Giorgio, the magnificent fortified castle surrounded by beautiful gardens or the Abbey of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, which was originally built in the tenth century by Greek monks.

Thanks to its central yet beautiful location, Portofino Park is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to make the most of their trip to Liguria.

For more information on the park: http://www.parks.it/parco.portofino/Eindex.php

For further information on Liguria please visit  http://www.lamialiguria.it/