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Marvellous Mykonos Shows Off Grecian Glory

Greece is a country of many natural wonders, from Poseidon’s Cave at Paxos, to the rolling hills of Corfu. For those travellers looking to experience all that natural glory from a luxurious and sumptuous villa, then Kinglike Concierge are on hand to help. Renting a collection of over two hundred luxury villas on the island of Mykonos , this company are ideal for securing the perfect villa for the perfect holiday.

The Greek island of Mykonos is a wonder that has to be seen to be truly marvelled at. With crystal clear, cobalt blue seawater and no shortage of picturesque beaches to wander down, it is no wonder that Mykonos continues to be an incredibly popular destination for travellers seeking luxury villas. With Kinglike, the villa is just the beginning. Their services will transform your vacation into the perfect experience.

Any journey with Kinglike begins from the initial consultation and inquiry, where guests can detail what they want from a villa before the team go and handpick the perfect place. From there, the team do everything to make sure that the place is ready for their arrival. There is an enviable selection of villas available, ranging from beachfront escapes to minimalist designs, and from secluded properties to ultra-luxurious properties.

Transportation can also be arranged, ranging from car rentals, to private transfers, to an opportunity for true extravagance and luxury in Kinglike’s offering of helicopters and private jets. Guests can experience Mykonos’ beautifully rugged Aegean countryside at their own pace in the comfort of a Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, or any luxury supercar they desire from the fleet available.

Prior to arrival, the services are already extending into the realm of luxury. Guests can send Kinglike a list of groceries and will find them stocked in the villa’s fridge upon arrival. Once guests have arrived at the island and made their way to their villa, Kinglike offer a wide array of services to transform a vacation, into an unforgettably luxurious experience. In-house chefs are available all day, or VIP reservations can be made at the most popular and sought-after restaurants, even during the peak months of July and August.

Housekeeping needn’t be a worry for guests, as Kinglike also offer the choice for guests to hire a knowledgeable butler to take care of daily errands and supervise the rest of the staff. Other services can include babysitters, massage therapists, security guards, personal trainers, and beauty care specialists, each one designed to enhance the luxury holiday experience to the next level.

Arguably, one of the best ways to experience the Greek islands is by boat. Kinglike offer their guests a series of boating experiences that are guaranteed to deliver on all those dreamy photos that are constantly seen throughout Instagram. Guests can prepare for a trip to the ancient ruins of Delos and Rhenia, experience the serenity of Mykonos’ southern coastline, or marvel at the glory of a Greek sunset.

Ultimately, what separates Kinglike Concierge from any other competitors is their dedication to delivering unrivalled luxury, and their success in doing so. Having lived and worked exclusively on the island of Mykonos since 2015, the team make sure that each trip is as comfortable and safe as it is luxurious. Allowing guests to experience exquisite extravagance, this company are the go-to group for Grecian luxury.

Company: Kinglike Concierge
Contact: Thanasis Mougios