Visiting a waterfall is one of the most spectacular experiences ever. It is one of the most jaw-dropping wonders of nature to see gallons of water almost falling from the sky at its full force. Whilst some waterfalls are exhilarating to stand under, there are some that are simply awe inspiring to watch. To help guide you to your next adventure, the experts at Property Turkey have listed the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world that you can be sure to add to your travel bucket list

1) Niagara Falls, North America
Niagara Falls

Time and time again, the Niagara Falls has been heralded as the best waterfall in the world. Boasting an enormous 2600 ft in length and 167ft in height, it is one of the top attractions bordering both the USA and Canada. The Niagara Falls is made up of 3 waterfalls (the American Falls, the Bridal Falls and the Horseshoe Falls), combining to produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth. Naturally, this is a great source of hydropower and produces an incredible amount of electricity for millions of people every day. 

2) Victoria Falls, Zambia
Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is famous for being the largest waterfall in the world, though technically it is not. At an awesome 355ft high, the Victoria Falls is commonly known due to the breathtaking height the water rapidly falls at. These falls are iconic and described as ‘once in a lifetime’ by many. What’s more is that the waterfall has a vast natural pool where visitors can swim safely.

3) Angel Falls, Venezuela
Angel Falls

The Angel Falls is in fact the highest waterfall in the world. At a staggering 3211ft, the sheer height of this waterfall is astounding enough. When the water levels are high enough between June and December, visitors can take river trips and feel the mist of the waterfall as they journey upriver. Dropping over the edge of Auyantepui mountain, the Angel Falls is truly one of the most spectacular sites in the world.

4) Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Iguazu Falls

The sheer enormity of the Iguazu Falls is what makes this one of the most unique and beautiful waterfalls on the planet. At 269ft high and an outstanding 8858ft wide, the Iguazu Falls is twice as wide as the famous Niagara Falls. Being one of the wettest waterfalls in the world, you won’t have to worry about experiencing a dry fall when visiting this stunning wonder of the world.

5) Sutherland Falls, New Zealand
Sutherland Falls

The Sutherland Falls is one of the most desolate and remote waterfalls on earth, not to mention one of the most impressive. For travelers wishing to be rewarded with stunning scenery after an extensive trek, the Sutherland Falls does not disappoint when look for a magnificent waterfall with a strong force of water. As the highest waterfall in New Zealand at an astonishing 1902ft, this waterfall is a must-see.

6) Kurşunlu Falls, Turkey

The Kurşunlu Falls is not just a captivating waterfall experience, but also a wildlife experience. Located in the heart of Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park and surrounded by cool pine forest, the falls offer a visual feast for visitors wishing to swim, see endemic plants and observe animal wildlife of birds, turtles, lizards and more. A lesser known but equally unique atmosphere scented with blackberries, wild roses and other plants.

7) Ban Gioc Waterfall, Vietnam
Ban Gioc

The Ban Gioc Waterfall is the fourth largest waterfall in the world and merges into Ban Detian Falls in China. What’s impressive is not so much the height of this waterfall 196ft, but the width spanning 984ft across. The water crashing onto the rocks is a beautiful, thunderous sound that can be heard from miles and afar.

8) Gulfoss, Iceland

Once a privately-owned waterfall, the Gulfoss is now state-owned and one of the most famous tourist destinations in Iceland. Part of ‘The Golden Circle’, the waterfall is 105ft high and plunges in two dramatic stages- the first cascade being 36ft and the second drop being 69ft. Ultimately, the Gulfoss is an Icelandic treasure which will create memories worth treasuring.

9) Tugela Falls, South Africa
Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is a complex of seasonal waterfalls featuring an uninterrupted lead of 1350ft and a total drop of 3110ft, making it the world’s second tallest waterfall after Angel Falls. Tugela Falls can be reached by walking through a picturesque and pristine mountain trail ending at the summit of Mount-Aux-Sources.

10) Gocta Waterfall, Peru
Gocta Falls

One of Peru’s must be explored natural wonders- The Gocta Waterfall. At an awesome height of 2529ft, this is the third tallest waterfall in the world. After a scenic 2.5 hour hike or horse ride follows breathtaking views of the amazing Gocta waterfall.

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