Welcome to the 2021 Holiday Issue of LUXlife Magazine.

After a long winter of lockdowns, the promise of a summer of travel and freedom is a welcome prospect for all. The chance to explore the world and revel in its many entertaining and life affirming experiences is finally within reach, and the sense of excitement is palpable. As such, in this edition of LUXlife magazine, we introduce you to some of the best luxury experiences that the world has to offer, from boutique hotels to explorations of animal conservation projects, French chateaux to beach-side bungalows.

Yet despite the summer holiday season drawing in, the award-winning companies featured in this issue continue to work hard to deliver the highest quality of services and products for their clients. From chauffeurs to architects to high-fashion designers, the companies within are dedicated to ensuring that their clients have all they need to enjoy a fantastic summer, whether relaxing at home or setting off across the globe in search of new adventures.

Client-centricity is also one of the core principle’s of this issue’s featured company, GFK Conseils-Juridis, a leading French legal services firm that specialises in superior solutions within legal, fiscal, and managerial domains. We find out more about GFK and its world-renowned CEO, Romain Gerardin-Fresses.

So, join us as we explore world-class luxury companies as they ready themselves for a promising summer ahead. Until the next issue of LUXlife, we wish you all the best for the month ahead.